While the sheep be watching, we be building the new.


  • We are looking to bring a manager to manage these product ideas full time. If you have any interest and skill to find and manage inspired hackers, hustlers, and designers for our ideas, this may be the place for you. Read here for more and then apply here if you will.
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Blast from the recent past — First I started the community www.preseed.in to empower entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs personally. Now, with the lessons of running that community for 2 years I started to build a web product called www.myidealist.co that can empower potential entrepreneurs, across the world, by suitably profiling them and making them discoverable, the type of people I manged at www.preseed.in. Those type of people are thinkers, doers, remote coworkers, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. They are productive people, who collaborate and communicate upon ideas and startups. To help them better collaborate and communicate productively in more novel ways, I started to build www.todoed.co too, as the back for Chattodo, amidst its own independence as a todo listing tool. Now both the products are at MVP stages.

PWL1 will launch independent products, out of each major key feature of Chattodo. Most of these products will essentially interact with Chattodo using each other’s APIs or be launched as a feature of update of Chattodo itself. These products will essentially be about anything that actually helps a user of Chattodo, even if that thing helps from outside. Same would be for other products of PWL1 e.g. Chattodo ##idea will lead users to an outside product called MyIdealist. I will explain this feature in greater detail later. But that is how Chattodo and MyIdealist are connected for now. So MyIdealist will lead to onboarding of new users to Chattodo in a very meaningful way. That is just one example of relationship between one product of PWL1 and the other. There will be more.

To have not read Preseeded essays, is to have not known the act that scales up the effect of Preseed to a billion people through:

Our Prototypes:

Todoed - by saving the world from too much internet.

Turn any selected text, into a delegated todo, with just one right click.
Most of the internet age working world works on google chrome browser. We set out to build the finest tool for increasing productivity of a google chrome browser user. That is x million people. A 20th of that may be made more productive because of this extension. That is just a start. Our next step would be to be the simplest and most seemless todo listing app for all internet devices. We hope, if you are reading this, this changes your life. We are determined make your life more productive. We are building todoed because we are determined to make our life more productive.

Chattodo - by saving the world from too much social networks of talks.

Turn any chat into a delegated todo with just a touch.
A productivity app for mobiles clothed as a chat app. It makes communication more actionable and accountable.

Some other key features :
- A simple user profile by making it simpler and more relevant than About.me
- A hiring feature that aimes to democratize the Human Resource culture of the world such that a company may one day do, without a HR manager.


Capability and Deliverability, not exams should be measures of education gained and it is these that should translate into educational degrees. The fundamental reason we embarked on the journey to build Chattodo is to disrupt the education system for people of ideas whose learning must be measured by the accomplishment of, ONE TASK DONE AT A TIME.

Know more about the probable stages and impact of Chattodo from its beginning to its maturity...#ai, #blockchain, #chatbots, #hardware, #vr


Both the fragments mentioned earlier will one day be acquired by Chattodo to be a part of a more complete social network of action, that Chattodo is to become. This endeavour of ours will help transition the vision of social network of action to become, a social network of action upon ideas. Chattodo is being built to get integrated with this niche platform for entrepreneurs. Piggy backing on PreseedApp, Chattodo will be spun off as independent product just as was done when Facebook messenger was separated from Facebook. Note - MyIdealist is the code name we are using during the development phase for the PreseedApp.


It is an Ecommerce platform of Preseed for enabling Pre-Order of products manufactured by its network of entrepreneurs. Having said that the actual sales of their manufactured products will also happen on same platform.

If you are an inspired hacker, hustler, or a designer who could build with us web/mobile
products, dig this page and it's surrounding links very well.

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Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Apply here, if you have it in you to one day co build a profound product, because that is what is in it for you. Any short of extraordinaire, and you may not fit the bill.

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we will be in state of gratitude towards you forever.


All these 4 fragments above will one day be acquired by Chattodo to be a part of a more complete social network of action, that Chattodo is to become.


Simple enough to be spoken about in 1 line. Simple enough to be scaled out of proportion with a very small team.

It takes a certain hippie like liberated perspective to build businesses with simplicity as the guiding principle. That perspective leads us to two core values in our products, usability and lean -


After vision this is where we spend most of our time. We keep it to what's needed and where it's needed. Nothing that is not needed will ever find its way into our products.

Design is more important than engineering in the consumer web space. One of the problems we see in this space in India is not of that of engineering. In fact India produces strong engineers. It's a problem of design, for India seriously lacks consumer web 'design' sensibilities. The reason stands - lack of geeks here marrying some seriously cool people. We hope that someday we are able to teach that to India through our products.

"Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-app. Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. After all, if users can’t use a feature, it might as well not exist." - Vitaly Friedman


We take it a step further. Lean is how we live, let alone build stuff. We 'build, measure, learn, repeat'and never raise funds without setting it right.

Bootstrapping has its own entrepreneurial lessons that cannot be learnt without self experiencing them. We iterate, customer validate and reiterate. If we fail, we also fail fast, we re-iterate even faster and all of that, at minimum cost implications. In short we make sure we customer validate the products before we look to move to the next steps of development. Shit gets done in least amounts of not only money but also time.

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late." - Reid Hoffman

The 4 pillars of any business endeavor that we like to advise and connect towards, are:


Brand positioning, Ideation, User Experience, Need - Value - Gap analysis, thought experimentations, design advice. Even pivots for better market fit if need be.


Client's ability to deliver their products and services efficiently with sustenance and scale. Next round investment readiness.


Influence thought and hence, internal as well external ecosystem through intangible contributions. As a result an innovative culture will be infused across your company. The culture then becomes the magnet.


Includes all types of communication. Internal - Far greater productivity using just the right set of tools on your mobile. We know about nearly all of them, that can increase your productivity. External - Branding, Packaging, Design, Marketing etc.

Check out our R&D Direction

This is what it looks like for each idea at PreseedApp towards its transition into a Minimum Viable Product.

  • Ideation — Have a habit of not letting go of problems the solutions to which (the idea) can greatly improve our very own lives,
    at the least. That has made us see problems as opportunities, as gaps that need to get filled anyway. The fun part starts when after
    tirelessly thinking, interacting, and researching about possible solutions (apps//products/platforms that already exist, trying to solve
    the same or a similar problem), you get a crisp idea. That idea will take you into a journey suggested below. It’s that, what feeds our soul.
  • Brainstorming — We discuss it with Preseed Web Lab team of thinkers, hustlers, designers, hackers and if need be our extended
    network of some well achieved developers and entrepreneurs, for further validation, which kicks of the whole gammot of works
    (It’s at this stage the idea goes into our PWL Idea Sheet on which we manage multiple ideas we are either toying with or looking to
    toy with-:
    a. Further Research — The most important aspect of today’s web development
    1. Product Vision — At this stage a detailed research is done to ensure we are clearly differentiated from anything that already exists
    within the scope of our vision. This stage greatly influences our products feature list. Anyway, generally since the goal is to build the
    MVP first, we generally dabble with just one feature, that exact feature which solves the problem in question simply, no more, no less.
    2. Communication of the product vision — We document the vision well enough to communicate with you,
    the hackers/hustlers/designer, to have you understand what we are looking for.
    3. Product Development Stage 1 - Researching and identifying elements of a complete product that already exist. Open APIs have
    induced a culture of pre-built solutions for most of what we would look for, for development. Thus, leaving most of the developer’s
    job today to research well in order to integrate all that exists and code only that, that doesn’t already exist. We try to ensure that it
    is through the hacks we build our products for the point we are trying to make is that MVPs should not take a lot of resources to build.
    (In fact, Preseed Web Lab is about building products like that, while teaching the same to many, or at least we hope so).
  • 3. b). Collaborative Whiteboarding (Done on mural.ly) and some sheets of papers for defining user experience — Here we together collaborate on anything that needs to be brought into our product plan perspective. The online collaborative nature of this stage
    ensures that our team can collaborate on research from wherever they are located.
    c). Finally, packaging the concept so far on a mural to state the product vision, R&D data, UI/user experience perspective
     and product architecture broadly. (however, this step is optional at our end, for sometimes in words we define the product vision
    and leave to the hackers to do the mockups based on their understanding of the product vision).
  • 4. MVP — This is where we need you, the hacker. The first iteration of the product is generally to build in the core functionality we need.
    Then we run a feedback loop among ourselves to translate the first iteration to an MVP. This MVP is actually about the first use case
    of the codes we are about to write. However, when that first use case is achieved to satisfaction with many users using it, we may or
    may not move to tweaking the product to achieve other use cases too.
  • 5. Early adoption and lessons — While the hacker is building the MVP, the PWL management bakes the possibility of some early
    adoption for the purpose of testing through feedbacks. This system is about -
    a). Prelaunch Marketing
    b). Creating such a seem less experience of feedback that more can be taken.
  • 6. Moved to Preseed Projects.

A brief look into a simple system of humanity we run Preseed Web Lab through.

  • Step 1 — Our semi thought of ideas get listed on the internal spread sheet.
  • Step 2 — All the corresponding details vis-vis the idea and its vision gets written into this internal spread sheet, as the idea starts maturing.
  • Step 3 — After the idea’s purpose is established with clarity over a period of time, it gets listed openly on the web page of
     Preseed Web Lab in those little boxes for all of you to take notice.
  • Step 4 — The prelaunch marketing and the parallel product vision documentation
  • Step 4a — The prelaunch marketing starts at this stage. To read about this further read another post by me titled
     Marketing precedes coding.
    Step 4b — The product’s overall vision and, version v1 vision and features get listed. The product version 1 vision is the vision
    just about enough for the MVP to be useful enough to early adopters.
  • Step 5— We list opening for dev. at job boards like has geek or our own social media campaigns.
  • Step 6— People working on the idea get listed with their contact info once found through job boards like has geek, geek list,
    angel list etc. into the internal sheet and into Podio / Productive work groups.
  • Step 7— Thereafter, they remain in constant dialogues with us towards achieving the MVP on our Product Vision
  • Step 8 — MVPs get made; purely out of an idea, faith and remote collaboration.
  • Step 9 — They are made marketable based on the protocols defined on our main guiding sheet. We call this
    ‘Product Packaging checklist’ sheet. This is the sheet where we define the call to action for the product to
    now evolve itself in the market of early adopters.
  • Step 10 — The MVPs are then hustled with to translate them into customer validated products through our connections and
    know how into MVP launches for getting early adopters.
  • Step 11 — Immediately after reasonable customer validation. The projects get listed on as Preseed Projects.
  • Step 12 — The projects are blown out of proportion here after, with more possible use cases, if relevant.