While the sheep be watching, we be building the new.

Towards nation building

Continued from the first part (step 0-2) of the vision of Chattodo, to express how we will impact from India, the world's education and democracy.

The philosophical back story of Preseed is the reason for step 3 as a feature of Chattodo.

When I was starting Preseed, I used to tell people that I am going to build a company where I could float my many ideas and see them take shape. The first step to building a company like that, was to build a culture like that of a hand full of people who believed in not only my ideas but my world views. The next step was to instill so much inspiration in them all that they go all the way to enable me or assist me further to shape up those ideas. The next step was to put them in order, a system, a set of protocols. Now comes the next step. The step in which we create a very simple modal box for each idea of ours and link it with MyIdealist, earlier called Idealistr. This complete step if done right, including marketing, will have the potential to blow things out of proportion for us, meaning, since the cost of experimentation at Preseed is unbelievably low because of our altrusitic and courage filled works, at such lower costs, now almost all our ideas can start taking shape, from the moment we find an inspired hacker who is intrinsically motivated to build that product with us, for reasons not only limited to the goodness in the idea of the product, but because he sees the goodness in teaming up with us.

Similarly, MyIdealsit, will give you the dashboard to publish your ideas that you have deeply thought of and from that moment on, would like to publish to be read by your future teams. This project will move forward to becoming a simple mobile app where your network will get instantly notified everytime a new idea is added, so that they can go to it's link on MyIdealist and know more about the idea or start a dialogue with you about it right there.

There will be comments feature too. It will be a way of collecting testimonials by those who have had the chance of having discussed the idea with us. (Rest of the ability of commenting on the idea for the purpose of understanding the idea - will be handled at MyIdealist). Here the commenting will serve the purpose of marketing of your ideas.

MyIdealist will lead to creating a network of evangelists for your ideas. They follow you based on your ideas and not because of your controversies.

Let's think and build ideas together

So many people, incubators and initiatives together may not be able to help entrepreneurs as much as one right web product. Reason - The vision of too many people may have been boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem but only Anglelist had the product vision to create the most scalable product to contribute to this cause of boosting entrepreneurs rather than creating an incubator or conducting events.

Blast from the recent past  from 2012 —  First, Nishchal started this community, Preseed, as a FB page to empower entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs personally through mentoring them over my lectures in top colleges and through personal phone calls. Then, with the lessons of running that community for 2 years Nishchal started to build a web product called Idealistr in 2014 (find it in step 3 of preseeded.preseed.in) to empower potential entrepreneurs, across the world, by suitably profiling them and making them discoverable. The main problem faced by aspiring entrepreneurs who want to turn an idea into reality is getting good talent. Idealistr aimed to solve that problem by helping change makers find the right cofounders/volunteers for their idea to bring it to reality. Idealistr was also meant to lay the foundation for attracting angel investors. This was a product for philosophers, engineers, doers, remote coworkers, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Also, Nishchal had been dreaming since 2009 to channel the creations of technology students across the country towards solving real-world problems. So there is a wholesome growth in our society of students and solution seekers, which is the society as a whole. This can be achieved in a more social and democratic ways than that can be seen so far for there is a vision for a very noble cause but that vision needs to be translated into a vision for a web product and not a mere website. Thus making it more scalable. And this is true for us too.

Mission: Connecting entrepreneur, inspired hackers, hustlers, designers, and early-adopters today to build profound teams and MVP tomorrow.

Methodology :
  • Discuss the idea
  • Get connected with hackers, hustlers and designers
  • Roll out the MVP
  • Assistance for early adoption
  • Finally, get on AngelList
They are the productive people, who collaborate and communicate upon ideas and startups.

Angellist is designed to facilitate a transition of a startup from more than a 2 people team and beyond up to some real serious investments. Idealistr was designed to facilitate a transition of a problem into a narrative that could inspire future co workers.

To help them better collaborate and communicate productively in more novel ways, Nishchal started to build www.todoed.co too, to back his vision for ultimately a chat app for entrepreneurs called www.Chattodo.co .

If you are starting your journey as an entrepreneur now, you are exactly the person we have built our chatting app Chattodo for. I have been that for 10 years. Somewhere along the way in 2009, I got stuck at this problem of lack of efficiency in communication on a mobile phone for an entrepreneur. Just that.

2020 - Now minimum viable versions with some bugs here and there for all of Nishchal's products are READY.

If Preseed were an app, it would have been an app doing what our founder does, enabling entrepreneurs. We would have called the app, PreseedApp. But since Preseed has built Chattodo as an app that will have the values of Preseed built in it, including the value of Step 3, as demonstrated by our prototype, called Idealistr. ( We later changed the name of the prototype of step 3 to MyIdealist. )

Now, this prototype will be rebuilt as a new feature of Chattodo in 2022.

The origin of Step 3 happened for we wanted to create a platform where we could share our own ideas and enable you to take up those ideas to co-create with us, for we can’t shape so many ideas alone. The ideas range from food we eat to technology we use to the government systems that run us.

Our mission through Step 3 is to create entrepreneurs out of even those who do not yet have an idea they were willing to back, let alone a b-plan or a prototype. Even those who do not even have the technology or design skills. All they may have is a will to do something extraordinary someday. It may create more significant altruistic entrepreneurs in the world than any other entrepreneurial initiative or culture has done in the past.

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

If PreseedApp were a guy, he would have been the go to guy for anyone looking to start.

So, it is being designed as a digital platform, made up of a community of hackers, hustlers, designers and mentors who aid each other in ensuring the right idea is thought. That right idea is the first step to success.

We Are

We believe that one of the most understated reasons, or largely a non-stated reason to fail is - to not start. Leave the matter of success and failure to perseverance; there is nothing more to success and failure. This is the fundamental the ideology of the PreseedApp is founded upon.

If we manage to give you a start, we have done for you what we have startedPreseedApp to do. To do so, we are building a world class system through this app, to help you lay a long lasting foundation for planting your seed, your idea.

Nothing that we will do, in those areas to trigger you to start and start well, will be as significant as your own will in this of world of free tools and free information. We are convinced that the best way to learn is to build. Just Build.

We exist so that our users could build whatever it is they want to build. Our apps will help our users in organising their idea, to translate it into a MVP, with a team.

Chattodo users debating detailed elements of the vision of their startups, as collaborative questions and answers, with other users, just at the idea stage. Step 3 will add such a layer to Chattodo.

Step 3 - To then help build for the world, a more - original thinking, conscious, and enterprising human resource.

MyIdealist everywhere

We hope you clicked on the words, “among entrepreneurs, towards” on the cover page of www.preseed.in. If not, do it. This step is all about what's mentioned in that click.

Read the description in YouTube of the video below to know about what we are doing to create the world of ideas, upon which productivity can be induced, by mere chats on Chattodo.

I spend a lot of time, years, just identifying profound (I am not using the word profound loosely) inter-related problems of the world and imagining startup ideas that occur thereafter seeming like solutions to those problems. At the outset I started Preseed to help my web ideas transition into minimum viable products at near 0 monetary costs, by inducing the culture of — inspiration replacing money. The last few years or more of my time has gone into setting that internal culture of Preseed where I fill people with so much truth and inspiration that salaries become secondary. This culture is made up of -

    1. Communication of the idea philosophically.
    2. Hacker, hustler and designer discovery.
    3. And management of all these using tools like Trello, Slack, Google Drive, and Github.

There will be comments feature too. It will be a way of collecting testimonials by those who have had the chance of having discussed the idea with us. (Rest of the ability of commenting on the idea for the purpose of understanding the idea - will be handled at MyIdealist). Here the commenting will serve the purpose of marketing of your ideas.
MyIdealist will lead to creating a network of evangelists for your ideas. They follow you based on your ideas and not because of your controversies.

In such a way that someday these ideas from MVP become independent startups.

These exact lessons are now being opened and product-ified so that everyone in the world with an idea, just a vague half baked idea, can have a playground to build upon that itch into a validated MVP, and then an early stage startup, with or without money. It meant creating a web platform that makes potential entrepreneurs become productive upon their own ideas in the world of social internet made up of so much noise and a new devil  —The  cheap dopamine of current social networks.

MyIdealist is designed to take care of non-technical founders, especially well, if they are good at articulation of their idea.

Courageous people, build startups, not waste time on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or; in sitting for college competitions. Even those collaborating on fresh ideas of others are people of ideas.

MyIdealist is also designed to assist those who are courageous enough to join a startup/idea for equity as a reward instead of salaries. Remember I said, I want to change the culture of capitalism itself, perhaps by offering it more altruism. This is my initiative to give an opportunity to those who already seem fit to startup and are crazy enough to take the idea forward tirelessly. We believe that this can be a perfect platform for those who do not have an idea yet but are still fit already to take up something extraordinary. It will also enable students to intern with or train with existing very early-stage startups for a considerable role from the network of startups here. Students learn additionally for the journey and the origin of these ideas are covered well on MyIdealist with the selectees and encourage them to participate in the making of those ideas.

The problem we wish to solve for these courageous ones -

The ‘Nay, are you crazy’ problem — The first problem for everyone who wants to start is that there is a lack of ‘go to guys’ or organizations to seek suggestions and necessary insights to get started with. There are more ‘naysayers’ than the ‘yesayer’. This, in our perspective, is the mother of all the problems.

The Right set of information and the Right ‘ye’ at the Right time has the potential to allow you to reinforce your inner voice upon yourself. And that is what you need … to start!

Startup is a lonely world. We are building this feature, MyIdealist to change that for you by building a community the members of which are willing to be a part of your lonely world.

MyIdealist feature can be imagined as web forum which will enable millions of our users to use our network effect due to this app, to harness the possibility of having very intelligent people from all over the world helping set the groundwork for seeing the vision, as they propose it over dialogues with you, right there on Chattodo, very objectively.

This articulation of ideas and its various key questions in the very words, is everything we wish you start with. Einstein said, and I don't quote, "If you can't say it simply, you don't know it enough”. So know it, as best, and as simply as you can.

In this forum, from an idea articulation to the way the business, in form of a slide deck should be seen even before getting attempted. This app is all about the thought, as if the business, but just the thought. The story of it. For stories will sell, before ideas do.

The one who brings children of ideas, on one communication platform for the purpose of development of original ideas, would have created for the world, a social network of action, upon ideas as we are looking to do through this step 3. The metaphysical impact of it could be far deeper than that of Facebook.

Unique feature of MyIdealist:

This feature enables startups and other ideas to crowd source investment, by way of preorders. However, they are free to sell if they already have goods and services ready. This feature can change the way startups or ideas have been raising money at a scale larger then what Kickstarter enabled. Here anything can be ordered, so long as you have a powerful story.

In the next step you will notice we are headed to disrupt the secondary education system. To truly disrupt the education system is to create an environment where people can think of original ideas. This is the category of people we want to create in the world.

A piece that concerns the job in hand of managing the Preseed community better. This feature will be about the questionnaire for founders, feature to upload a deck, a feature to exchange email quality messages.

Only a product 'questionaiteapp' can achieve that level of excellence between the flow of communication I expect with you, dear founders. The solution to this concerns holds lot of importance to me and hence Preseed. Ensure you like an obedient team member achieves this for Preseed. Find or inspire a guy to build the tech layer of this product. This product is called from here on, Preseed app. You are not optimising the potential of Preseed's culture for maximum impact globally, if we don't build this feature.

Myidealist is also an entrepreneur identity and connect product ( more like a new-age contact app for entrepreneurs ). That is why it can't be loaded with so many questions. It will just have an idea and, 2 line description, such that, the entrepreneur could be identified as a human of an idea.

I am saying in step 4 that there is an education in productivity (collaboration), but, for there is even better education in productivity upon ones own ideas, so there was step 3. Ideas are curiosities that we want the students of the future to build themselves upon, seamlessly.

So we decided to work on building a tool that can make the world more productive through such communication and collaboration integrated with an idea development platform called MyIdealist as a feature on it someday, to make the world productive upon ideas.

An idea can become a cause when liked by many users Cause feature is the platform inside for running charity campaigns online. It let’s people start a campaign, create a custom link and QR code and direct all their promotions into a single point so that each campaigns get more done efficiently. For a person who want to donate he gets to find curated campaigns which are both verified and easy to make the donations to. Cause features crowdfunding groups which lets a group of people back a campaign together.

If you have your self and your thoughts profiled here based on our form fields, many will not only notice, but will also understand you better. The network of people that will get built from here on, around you and your idea, will be the network of your future contributors/collaborators/teams.

Ultimately, the social network I mentioned above via Chattodo is for the men and women of ideas, primarily. My idealist makes Chattodo its users’ place of identity via their idea and not merely via their educational degrees or professional qualifications as on LInkedIn.

Promotion of new ideas

Because we want the good ideas to get atleast one good chance to see the light of the day. The biggest challange we feel that 'an app' out there has to face is to get it's first set of 1000 users to get the idea customer validated atleast.
Users will submit the following -:
App Name and link
App in one line.
Founders Story so far.
Upto 3 similar apps but not the same (with notes about how they are similar)
Country you are building in/for.

Note-: We do discard ideas if we are not able to validate your idea because either the problem you are solving is not a problem we resonate with or the solution is crappy or the problem is already getting solved. Subscribers, with a little bit of your time and attention, you could help us help 100s of very worthy entrepreneurs and apps get customer validated which is what an investor looks for in an app before he invests his monies on it. Do you wish to save the digital entrepreneurs of your country?
If yes, subscribe to the prototype launches on Chattodo's myidealist feature.
When you hear of a new product, do check it out, give your feed back as a user.
Our goal is to launch one MVP everyday in the emails of our millions of subscribers. While no MVP would be an idea we don't like.

So, at its core, Preseed is building a A SOCIAL NETWORK OF ACTION UPON IDEAS, in fact.

We have researched for years, the matter of enabling someone with a mere idea, over a democratic web forum. One may say, if you were an idea, just an idea, how should you have been profiled just at this stage, such that, who ever you interact with, has clearer insight into what you are trying to become. Isn't that what people communicating with the startup know.

Side note -: It’s still simpler to imagine, a social network of action. It’s more difficult to imagine a social network of action upon ideas. It’s even more difficult to create one, one that works. We are talking about a Social Network of action first, then we are talking about a social network of action upon ideas.

In step 4 we are talking about a social network of a new model of study for people of ideas. Read on.

Step 4 - To disrupt the secondary education system, for ‘humans of ideas’ right from within chats on Chattodo.

Chattodo will become the app that will save the fading creative lives of a lot of students who want to learn and present their education earned, as they collaborate with others on some common original idea, rather than robotically prepare to write exams online or in colleges, merely to fetch degrees.

Towards actual harmonious freedom

So, making communication more actionable is the way forward for education upon collaboration. That is why step 1 was necessary. ‘Education upon collaboration’ is my solution for the much-needed change in the archaic education system through Chattodo, a communication and collaboration app. This is fundamentally different from how you have looked innovation in Education by the virtue of education policy changes in India or incremental innovations in the name of education with apps like BYJU.

May I go a step further and say, ‘and collaboration upon ideas’ all the way into becoming startups. It is for this that we have to take step 3 before we get started with the works of AI of Step 4, which will measure education by capturing communication and collaboration between two people chasing a common goal, with their permissions of course. Creating both a world of education upon curiosity and education upon collaboration.

Capability and Deliverability, not exams should be measures of education gained and it is these that should translate into educational degrees. The fundamental reason we embarked on the journey to build Chattodo is to disrupt the education system for people of ideas whose learning must be measured by the accomplishment of, ONE TASK DONE AT A TIME.

The solution to the problem of a 4 walled secondary education system for children of ideas is, as much a software as it is a cultural one, at home— So there will be a module for parents of children under 18 to monitor the education their children are earning here.

Know more about the probable stages and impact of Chattodo from its beginning to its maturity towards education disruption and freedom...#ai, #blockchain, #chatbots, #hardware, #vr

Note -: When we get to our AI phase, we will build our AI for 1 reason at its core - to protect you from negative influences, as against the current AI realm which is focused at selling you products and services. In fact, our AI will measure your health based on your chats and recommend to you breathing patterns to follow based on that analysis. One day into the future when our AI is merged with bio technology, this analysis will get further improved.

So in the long run, Chattodo is not just about communication and collaboration, but a play between collaboration and ideas, where -

  1. Chattodo is a mobile app where consumers will keep their thoughts, tasks, notes, web discoveries, voice, communication and ideas. As you would expect them to keep in a todo listing tool.
  2. My Idealist is its feature which manages the ideas of thinking users. In MyIdealist such ideas become the identity of that user. It is at this step of the vision the user of Chattodo makes new human connections upon their ideas.Thus making it a social network of action, upon ideas.

  3. And,
  4. Spinning out a new education system out of these using natural language processing to measure probable education degrees out of accomplishment of tasks by each user over years. .

Summing up the 4 steps: Like I said, "these have been an incredible social network of talks. I admire them. But I also know that they are causing anxiety and noise. Now it’s time for transitioning that culture towards a culture of action, not only action but action upon worthy ideas. When we are able to do this with artificial intelligence, towards understanding user exchanges of years, for quantifying them as education degrees  — we will consider the education system disrupted, while saving the world from too much social network of talks".

Ultimate goal of of our app Chattodo, until step 4 is to give its users something so simple as if a ‘single white blank communication and notes making screen’, which will induce and enable the users to build upon their ideas into meaningful early-stage startup, regardless of users age, educational degrees, material resources or profession. And if the user fails in succeeding in taking their idea to the next level, they atleast have an education degree that can make them employable.

Chattodo for schools  

Dear Naval Ravikant

I agree. I have a huge regard for Naval Ravikant and the Angelist team. So much regard that a lot of what I do at www.preseed.in is aimed at a partnership with AngelList to create the most extraordinary company of our times - AngelList. My conclusion has boiled down to the fact that I need to build my ios and android app as a communication tool for entrepreneurs on Angellist. So much that, it is Angelist I want to lauch my chatapp on. That as the first step for mychat app will steer it into the direction of a company that will while aiding Angellist, grow on to be bigger than Slack.

Dear Naval Ravikant,

I had bookmarked this article to read later, and as I finish reading it, I cannot help myself but reach out to you almost immediately on a matter I am deeply passionate about. Pardon my straightforwardness if you mind please. In the backdrop of this email, I want to tell you why I feel Angellist could help in disruption of the secondary education system, for men and women of ideas. And why I feel having a news feed system on AngelList just as a rip off of LinkedIn news feed system, not only indicates lack of novelty in AngeList feed system, but the lack of your team's understanding of the kind of feed system that will really truly aid entrepreneurs and their team.

I have paid so much attention to that kind of a design for news feed, that to my mind it looks like a separate product of communication and collaboration built exclusively for AngelList to start with, by AngelList.

Looking at the pace at which Angellist has grown towards direct online 'collaboration' and information exchange for the entrepreneurial type, makes it very clear that Angellist has been into only profiling, a little bit into recruitment and a lot into investment facilitation in a uniquely democratic environment; while it is worth noting that they have one of the best chances to also be a tool for collaboration across the entire startup, its partners, it's customers all the way to productivity and management of productivity. They have done quite well in fixing the investment side of things, which really is the first step towards building the culture of ideas. The exact culture I am after riding upon my vision for a social network of action. I believe my tool will unleash the power of AngelList in ways unimaginable to most today.

I have covered some ground, not necessarily as per the black and white strategy of growth on metrics. My strategy for coding this product has always been to doing it with AngelList. So much that AngelList is at the heart of what I do. So I want to attempt making this product from within AngelList at a deal where, my social network of action will be an independent company and the opportunity to grow the social network of action beyond just AngelList remains in my hand. The ground I have covered leads me to a vision about the disruption of the education system as whole in the next 10 years. It will then just be a question of perspective. That, what does one think education means. In my plan, education upon collaboration is the way forward.

Education is best earned when building upon an idea and collaborating on it. Where it is earned from ones leaders' while working on a common goal. As per my strategy, our Social network of action will become the go to tool for young teams of startups to learn on topics they require to know, straight from their leaders, while building their startup forward, on it. And these teams and startups would have originally built connections on AngelList. These connections baking into relations and actions will happen all on our Social Network of action however.

I have detailed my journey in this regard on www.preseed.in.

If you find meaning in my words please let me know on nishchal@preseed.in or here if I could reach you directly on your email with my proposal shortly please.

Step 5 - To take the world from representative democracy to direct democracy, led by these 'humans of ideas'.

Nishchal spends half his day thinking about - so many decades of internet, yet, the basic tenets of democracy remain the same, i.e. often, the false narratives of our representatives are enough to keep them in power for 5 full years. Nishchal wants to reinvent how democracy is delivered to us and that too, through Chattodo. He wants the elected representatives to list their todos, and the public to monitor those todos, and give feedback over chats with their representative’s offices. Promises spoken and results delivered must be visually represented on Chattodo’s dashboard for each country.

Can you imagine how complicated information about election is displayed in the form of exit polls? Imagine if Real Time reality's deviations from political promises made by politicians at the time of elections per politician who won, are displayed with that kind of visual representation. It will hold the politicians acountable. We consider this an important aspect for our vision for direct democracy.

People should have a sense of their constitution, education, spirituality & judiciary. We would like the media to educate people on these fronts. Not the current state of mainstream media, but, the media we are to lay through the bots of our app www.chattodo.co.

If they don't change society towards solutions in matters Nishchal has expressed in his writings and Youtube channel, he will enter politics himself. He is in awareness of the kind of minimum control that is necessary to run a country effectively.

Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete”.

There is so much depth in this step’s thought that Nishchal could write a whole new political manifesto. It is for this probable manifesto we have invited you to participate in the making of Nishchal , our main asset.

"Our duty is to encourage everyone in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at
the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the truth".
- Swami Vivekanand

The step 5 from us will make your realise how true these words are:

Nishchal is in submission to this duty for his whole life. Support his fund raiser.

Step 6 - To build a device that saves people from the constant noise of the internet. The most productive mobile device, powered by our social network of action, Chattodo.

May be a hardware device too, for just keeping a tab on your todos even without internet. Imagine Kindle for books, and then imagine a dedicated device for reading all you clip as todos. To save the world from too much internet at the same time . All of this above is for those who want to stay tuned to the mobile phones all the time, yet be productive. There is a world of productivity that Nishchal personally believes doesn't require a mobile phone. Infact, in that world too much internet is a bad thing.

I have a vague vision for a smart phone case/a voice recording device for productivity
too. Even a semi smart watch. Not a smart watch like apple watch. By that standard, a
less than a quarter smart watch. But that minimal watch which only serves the purpose of
Todeod without really being smart. May be a small ring with a voice recorder to have you
speak your mind into.

But all this is a figment of imagination, what is real is the current MVP, and how that
matures to serve best what it is already doing as of today. That is more important than
the figments of rest of my imagination about the most effective productivity eco system.
I repeat - I will be happy if Chattodo for now, just does one thing right - That is, it
really turns any chat into a task with just one touch, through its chrome extension.
This one thing, with perfect user experience and notification/delegation and reminder
system will make even it's MVP mighty useful.

Step 7 - To create a drone attachment as a witness and an app - for change in the archaic criminal justice system of the world.

2025 is our target year for the accomplishment of steps 6 and 7.

Variable Step - We are building a conscientious social network of deliverables

Delivering goods too.

It means, we are going to enable you to deliver your services, skills and goods more efficiently to your audience and we are going to help others do the same to you.


We are a social network of action that considers ability to bring markets to your doorsteps an important aspect of productivity. So, last mile deliveries and commuting is a part of our plan. So, while you spend uninterrupted productive times on Chattodo, your neighborhood could be brought to your doorsteps when you will.

This step is powered by EBG.

A chat app for those who want to chat, to do - work with their team, real connections with people in their city, shopping and enjoying entertainment that their city offers. While boosting local economy.

The underlying benchmark of our goal is to make a product for you that puts mindfulness on priority.

inventor.visionary.musician.engineer.entrepreneur.thinker ARTIST