We are building Preseed's Preseeded to give freedom to billions of people to pursue their loftiest, unchained visions.

“I journeyed into Preseed in 2014 to empower those with a will to do something out of the ordinary - by often encouraging them to drop out of their colleges or jobs to pursue their idea - if I felt I could raise their intensity to face what may be coming. Why? Long ago, I asked myself the question about what is the one thing I must do with my capabilities - the answer I got was - I must do everything I can, to give our world, better leaders. However, as I progressed I was able to marry in vision, my previous failed social networking startup to become now, a more conscious social network vision, to produce the goal of producing better leaders. That vision is taken care of at our incubator Preseeded, designed exclusively for that purpose” -

Nishchal Kesarwani, the first learner & teacher at Preseed.

An incubator to incubate Nishchal's goal, to free the world, across his lifetime, through the power of his tech products.

To have not read Preseeded essays, is to have not known the act that scales up the effect of Preseed to a billion people through:

Chattodo - by saving the world from too much social networks of talks.

Todoed - by saving the world from too much internet.

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Everything else, by virtue of the above, is our culture that enables you to understand your own business from a new stand point. If you are a startup looking for our advice, the above line is important for you, before you become a part of our culture, our thought.

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